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Ant Extermination in Worcester, Dudley & Oxford, MA & all of Worcester County

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Have ants taken over your home? Don't worry, we'll remove ants from your home in a timely manner using our past experiences and professional opinions. Ant's aren't easy to exterminate and require regular attention. We work at homes and businesses in and around Worcester, Dudley & Oxford, MA & all of Worcester County. If you're worried about what pest removal chemicals can do to children or pets, we can switch to all-natural solutions. Call today to speak with a team member about our ant control processes.

Ant Prevention Tips from WGC Pest Control

Our ant exterminators will develop an effective treatment plan to get rid of them. In the meantime, you can:

  • Take out your trash daily
  • Keep your countertops clean from crumbs
  • Only eat food in your kitchen
  • Vacuum your home regularly.


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