mice removal worcester ma

If you hear squeaking and scurrying indoors,

Call W.G.C. Pest Control for mice removal services in Worcester, Dudley, Oxford, MA & all of Worcester County

There's nothing more annoying than walking into your kitchen and noticing something has been nibbling on your food. House Mice and Deer Mice are considered two of the most troublesome and economically important pests in residential homes. WGC Pest Control can get rid of mice and rats. We'll start by looking for the entry point of where the mouse entered, figure out where the mouse has nested, and properly remove the mouse or rat from your home. Contact us today for mice removal services in Worcester, Dudley & Oxford, MA & all of Worcester County.

Why a small mouse issue can turn into a big deal

Apart from feeding unwanted pests, there are other aggravations, including:

-Health risks
-Wire damage
-Strong musky odors
-Noise inside your walls
-Defecate everywhere.

As the mice start to reproduce, the more impact they'll have on your home. We'll give you tips on preventing rodents from re-entering your living space.