Don't Let Termites Damage Your Worcester, Dudley or Oxford, MA Home

Prevent an infestation by scheduling a termite treatment with the pros at W.G.C. Pest Control

Whether you've found evidence of a termite infestation or you need a termite inspection done before selling your home, turn to W.G.C. Pest Control. We provide termite treatment and termite control services to residents and business owners in the Worcester, Dudley & Oxford, MA area.

Don't wait around to inspect your house for termites. These invasive insects can cause serious damage, like sagging floors, foundation issues, cracked walls and weakened structural supports.

Call W.G.C. Pest Control today to schedule your termite treatment.

Get rid of termites ASAP

If you're dealing with a termite infestation, time is your enemy. You can depend on the skilled team at W.G.C. Pest Control to act quickly to minimize the damage.

You'll appreciate how we handle all the details, including:

  • Spraying the foundation and injecting chemicals into wood
  • Installing a monitoring station to keep track of termite activity
  • Following up in a few weeks to look for remaining signs of termites

Reach out to us today to arrange for your termite treatment in Worcester, Dudley, Oxford, MA & all of Worcester County.

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Make your house less tempting for termites

You know that termites feast on wood-and that your home is made of wood. So, what can you do to avoid an infestation?

Make your home a less attractive environment by following these preventative steps from W.G.C. Pest Control:

  • Fix plumbing leaks to reduce moisture
  • Caulk your windows to make it harder for termites to enter
  • Get a proactive termite treatment to discourage the pests

Contact us today to speak with a highly trained exterminator in Worcester, MA about your pest control needs.